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Tiger Labs provides R&D engineering services and product design/development for medium-to-large corporations that have a need or business opportunity that can be solved via technology. From computing systems to customer-facing terminals to the IOT (Internet of Things), we design and engineer applications and devices to connect people with the elements in the world around them; be it local, edge, enterprise, or cloud-based. We develop products that communicate with each other and with their users to provide the information they need in every moment of their days. We specialize in creating applications running at the edge of the network that bring the world to your laptop or incorporate the information gathered into larger corporate systems.

Tiger Labs uses both traditional and Agile project management processes best fitted to the Mission to deliver new designs in the most cost-effective and timely manner. We adapt our interaction style to match the needs of our clients while still developing state-of-the-art products.


Your firm can utilize Tiger Labs' experts to obtain any level of engineering support from quick prototypes to complete turn-key projects including hardware and software design, engineering tests, documentation, component procurement, manufacturing, and depot maintenance. In addition to our own employees and contractors, we have working relations with several other engineering and manufacturing firms that can supplement the project. We frequently form a team consisting of skilled members from several companies.

Tiger Labs' management knows all phases involved in developing products from their decades of experience, and we can get the right skills at the right time to efficiently build what our customers need. It's a matter of keeping focus on what's important at different times in the development cycle, and this is part of our skill set.

Businesses operate on their own schedules as they respond to market pressures, and we respond to your timetable to help you get to your markets quicker. We stress schedules integrated with other suppliers, adaptive resource balancing, and disciplined problem-solving to help your internal teams be more effective.

We assist in the early phases of development by providing input during the system design phase, helping you sort out the tradeoffs in design decisions. Whether you need existing systems adapted or totally new designs, our rapid prototyping capabilities reduce risk and demonstrate the required core functionality early in a project’s development cycle.

We speed the development process up by testing early and often, exploring the boundaries of the design to expose unfavorable design options and promising alternatives.

When entering niche markets, companies must pay close attention to development budgets. Comparatively, they sell a relatively small number of units per year, and the development dollars spent make up a significant part of the unit cost. Using a broadly experienced engineering consultant to lower development cost can be much more important than lower manufacturing costs.