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Why Use Tiger Labs?


  • Focus
  • Represents an Economical Solution
  • Accelerate Market Penetration
  • Reduce Project Development Cycles
  • Reduce Internal Delays
  • Enter New Niche Markets
  • Minimize Exposures
  • Tiger Labs Provides All Levels of Engineering Support

  • Focus

    We create highly focused, mission-driven Tiger Teams.

    Represents an Economical Solution

    Your firm has access to technical personnel who are experts in microcomputer design and development at a fraction of the cost associated with salaried employees. Your existing personnel can focus on other strategic development projects while Tiger Labs' personnel are performing design work on contract projects. Tiger Labs has been providing "outsourced" products and design talent years before the current trend became main-stream.

    Accelerate Market Penetration

    Your firm can penetrate new and existing markets quicker and with less exposure by utilizing the services of an external design and development company.

    Reduce Project Development Cycles

    Your firm has access to technical experts who know the technology as well as the need for structured design methodologies and documentation. Tiger Lab's project-driven environment stresses aggressive schedules. Tiger Labs has had experience with all phases of project development so learning curves and the development period from conception to production is reduced.

    Reduce Internal Delays

    The internal departmental and personal agendas which exist in many corporate environments and can result in lengthened development cycles are eliminated. An external development firm can bypass an unwieldy internal system thereby accelerating product generated revenues.

    Enter New Niche Markets

    By reducing development time and expenses through use of an external design firm, a low-volume project may become a viable business case.

    Minimize Exposures

    Your firm can obtain prototypes of a new product idea without a large investment of resources.

    Tiger Labs Provides All Levels of Engineering Support

    Your firm can utilize Tiger Labs' experts to obtain any level of engineering support from quick prototypes to complete turn-key projects including hardware and software design, engineering tests, documentation, component procurement, manufacturing, and depot maintenance. In addition to our own employees and contractors, we have working relations with several other engineering and manufacuring firms that can suppliment the project. We frequently form a team consisting of several companies.

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