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Tiger Labs Corporation, founded in 1985, is an electronics consulting, engineering research and development firm. Its technical and development expertise is procured on a contract basis by computer and peripheral manufacturers wanting to accelerate market entry while reducing or supplementing traditional personnel resources.

Tiger Labs can supply many levels of engineering services, from engineering design support to full turn-key projects. Tiger Labs utilizes the latest state-of-the-art design guidelines in developing a particular product, including semiconductor technology, PCB board layout and manufacturability. The overall goal is to provide a product that is a cost-effective solution to the customer's needs and is easy to manufacture. Tiger Labs has the ability to provide designs, design documentation, prototypes, manufacturing documentation, and production units.

Total project involvement and focus has proven to result in the successful completion of very aggressive project cycles. It is in these aggressive, intense development programs that the concept of "Tiger Teams" can prove to be the most effective. In many circumstances a small, focused, highly charged team can outperform more traditional engineering departments. Because of the smaller size and shorter schedules, project risk is reduced and product-generated revenues are accelerated.

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