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Tiger Labs has been involved with the development of over 100 electronic products since its inception in 1985. We have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. In a single year, 1993, we designed over twelve 386 class planar boards. This past year, 1996, we worked on multiple processor SMP systems and also designed a cigar vending machine.

Tiger Labs has assisted many leading companies in successfully delivering their products. The majority of our development is done on a need-to-know basis. The following is a sampling of non-confidential, announced products:

IBM Corporation

LXE Incorporated

Tiger Labs provided embedded firmware and BIOS modifications for the LXE 2330 hand-held DOS-based radio-linked manufacturing computer.

Georgia Power Company

Tiger Labs has recently completed the turn-key design and development of "Ohm-Check", a device capable of detecting corrosion on buried neutral grounds. Tiger Labs supplied the design architecture, hardware and firmware designs, PCB layout, and component procurement. Tiger Labs is currently providing "build-to-order" manufacturing support.

Scientific Atlanta

Tiger Labs developed the hardware, PCB, firmware, and protected-mode operating system kernel for the 486DX main CPU board to be used in Scientific Atlanta's 9500 and 9600 SONET test sets. In addition to providing the design, Tiger Labs supplied procurement and prototypes.

Fisher Restaurant Systems

Developed and manufactured the fault-tolerant Printer Server which manages up to eight printers and the print jobs to those printers. The Print Server was designed for use in harsh restaurant environments. Several hundred of these units are in service.

XLOCK Corporation

Designed a PS/2 Microchannel Access Control Security Board, a Data Encryption System, an Access Control System and Access Control software for this PC security company.

Boca Research

Served as a primary consulting firm for Boca Research during its startup in 1984/85. Boca Research is now one of the leaders in high-volume products for the IBM PC add-on market.

Quadram Corporation

Designed and developed several PC "add-on" products including memory and I/O attachment cards for the IBM PC X/T, PC A/T, PCjr, and PS/2 Microchannel computers. Quadram was one of the first and most successful companies to design and market add-on products for the IBM PC.

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