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Tiger Labs' engineers have substantial design and development experience in a wide variety of vertical industries including communications, education, general PC, graphics, industrial, PC security, and retail Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.


Tiger Labs' strength is in its ability to design and develop microprocessor-based solutions. Our expertise in embedded controllers ranges from single chip PIC and 80C51 microcontrollers to multi-processor SMP 586/P54C/P6 Pentium designs. Designs of these systems typically involve compatibility issues of both BIOS and BUS topologies.

Since 1991, Tiger Labs has designed many different 386/486/586 class machines. A few have been general purpose "clones", the majority have been customized applications. We have designed several low-powered tablets for mobile applications. We have detailed knowledge of BIOS, DOS, Windows, OS/2, and UNIX software development as well as assembly and embedded-controller debug techniques. We can support software and firmware projects with assembly language, C, or C++. We are very familiar with structured designs and code reviews. We routinely control software development projects with PVCS, a version control repository system.

Tiger Labs projects have utilized many leading edge components from several major vendors including: Intel, AMD, Hitachi, VLSI, Chips & Technologies, Cirrus, Phillips, OAK, Texas Instruments, Micro Chip PIC, Motorola, National, LSI, Actel, Xilinx, Altera, Qlogic, Adaptec, NCR, IBM, DEC, and Zilog. We have several ICE (in-circuit-emulators) that are required to develop embedded CPU applications. We have experience with the design and debug tools required to implement such embedded CPU designs.


Tiger Labs has performed numerous design and development projects in the general PC industry.

These projects include video cards, touch controllers, IDE/Floppy cards, multi-function I/O cards, "Clone" CPU boards, RS232/422/485/530 serial cards, memory cards, PCMCIA cards; the Hayes Apple modem and S-100 CPU; the IBM PCjr CPU Planar System, cartridges and memory card, PC/XT hard disk controller and System/23 Datamaster shared hard disk; and the Quadram PCjr memory board, multi-function board and expansion chassis, A/T extended memory board, "QUADMEG PS/Q" PS/2 memory board, and "QUADBOARD PS/Q" PS/2 multi-function board.

Most of Tiger Labs' products have been certified for FCC class B operation.


Tiger Labs' development projects in the industrial market include memory, DASD, and video boards for Georgia Power supervisory control systems. Another product developed for the power distribution industry is a microprocessor based device capable of measuring voltage, current, and power factors of active power lines. This device is being used to detect corrosion on buried ground cable, unique in the industry. Tiger Labs is currently producing production units.

We have also designed several flat-panel "touch" computers for use as industrial PLC controllers and in mobile transportation applications.

A 486DX CPU has been developed for Scientific Atlanta. This embedded CPU is being used in several SONET communication products. This device utilized many leading-edge component technologies.


Tiger Labs' development experience in the educational market includes the PCjr Speech Attachment ("Writing-to-Read" hardware) and the Mod30/25 PC speech attachment, both developed for IBM. Tiger Labs has also developed a 80386/80486 system upgrade board for the IBM Model 25.


In the PC security industry, Tiger Labs developed for X-Lock Corporation a PS/2 microchannel access control security board, the X-Lock 50 data encryption system (DES) and the X-Lock-10 access control system. Tiger Labs personnel developed the X-Lock 50 support software, the Xenix version of X-Lock 50 software and a secure telephone system.

Tiger Labs has implemented "security and privacy aware" CPU motherboards and add-on adapters.


The POS market is another industry in which Tiger Labs staff has completed numerous development projects including the 4651, 4655, 4659, and 4661 restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for IBM.

Fast-food, Fine-dining, and Convenience store(C-Store) customers often require customized hardware to augment their point-of-sale systems. We thrive in creating such specialized devices. The customer or OEM also often needs to develop a "proof-of-concept" device that can be shown to and tried by a customer. These development efforts are often very aggressive and may not warrant a full engineering department's attention. This is a perfect situation for a "Tiger Team". We have developed many such "proof-of-concept" operational prototypes.

Tiger Labs has also developed a Serial Printer Manager, a Kitchen Video system, Bump Bars, and Remote Customer Order system for OEM use.

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